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Bringing a bite of Australia to North Carolina

G'Day! My name is Autumn Schleusener, and I am the founder and baker of Sheila's Aussie Bakery. I am very excited to begin this journey of bringing a little bit of the Australian cuisine to North Carolina. A little bit about myself. I am a self-taught chef, I have had a passion for cooking since college, and I challenge myself with new recipes all of the time! I have created things ranging from French Macarons to Beef Wellington (my greatest joy). I have worked in various kitchen jobs, my first being Subway, followed by a Gourmet sandwich shop in Australia, to a Diner in New Hampshire. So why did I decide to focus on Australian food? It was all because of my husband.

While I am all American, my husband is all Australian. And there are many times he missed dishes from Australia, so I would research and try to bring a little taste of home into our kitchen.

Then I realized there is no Australian food easily accessible in this country! We can't just go out for a meal and get all of my husband's favorite treats. And if my husband is missing out, who else misses home? Or who else wants to try something new that they haven't seen before?

So I thought to myself, why can't I be the person to fill that gap?

For over a year I focused on developing my own recipes. I had friends try them, I had strangers try them, and this was all because I wanted to be 100% sure I was offering quality products. I fiddled with prices, I worked on sizes of products, and I timed myself making them. I was so happy to see how many people supported my dream and loved my food! So, I have decided to take the leap and do catering and market appearances for the next couple of years. This allows me to put my little ones first, build my following, and prep for the idea of either a food truck, or a store front!

I'll use this blog to post fun events that I take part of, share some Aussie Recipes, or other fun things.

Here is a giant picture of my face! If you see me, ask about my food! This business would be nothing without its loyal customers, and I appreciate every one of you that either buys product, share the news, or just send encouragement!

Thats all for now!



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